Working groups

At the start of the Autumn Term 2016, the teacher review panel considered a range of possibilities for how the ideas in the guidance booklet could be promoted. A number of priorities were identified, and a start has been made on these by setting up two working groups – the Professional Development Group and the Curriculum and Assessment Group. There are approximately 15 members in each of these groups. The intention is to broaden the range of membership of the review panel in 2017 in order to get feedback from as many people as possible, and to expand the work undertaken.

Professional Development Group

There are two strands of work. During Autumn Term 2016, a range of teacher discussion activities were trialled. These activities aim to promote engagement with the guidance booklet and to stimulate thinking about the teaching of mathematics within science. Eight activities have now been published (teacher discussion activities). The other strand of work is a longer term plan to develop a departmental support package that includes a range of strategies and resources to meet a variety of needs.

Curriculum and Assessment Group

Broadly, this group is focusing on the way that mathematics is incorporated in the science curriculum. Since what happens in classrooms is strongly influenced by what is assessed, the group has started by looking at the sample GCSE examination papers currently available from the awarding bodies. The review aims to identify positive and negative aspects, and to produce a draft report with recommendations.

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